Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Photography

    Sure, feel free to share the links with your friends and family.

    Do We Have To Order Our Prints Straight Away?

    You can order your prints at any time as long as your gallery is still available.

    How Do We Access Our Finished Photos?

    Once your completed photos have been uploaded to our gallery, we will email you a link and password to give you access to your gallery. Here you can view your images, watch a slide show and purchase prints through the "Buy" button. We will also give you a link to the downloadable zip file containing all the final images. Once you have downloaded the file, right click on it and select "extract all" to uncompress all your photos.

    How Do We Get Our Photos Printed?

    Through your online gallery you can purchase prints by clicking on the "Buy" button. You can choose the number of prints, print sizes and finishes. Once you have made your selection you will be asked to provide your shipping address, select your shipping options and enter your credit card information. Make sure you review you order before making the purchase.

    How Long Before We Get Our Photos?

    We will provide you with a DVD of all photos taken on the day before you depart the country or we will post it out to you if we cant . Once you have come back to us with your final selection of your favourite images it will take between 4 to 6 weeks to complete the editing of the final photos.

    How Long Does The Service Take?

    Unless you have made changes to the order of service most resort services will take between 20 and 30 minutes.

    How Long Will The Prints Take To Be Delivered?

    Depending on your location, international shipping can take up to three weeks

    We keep your gallery online for 12 months however the downloadable zip file will only be available for 2 weeks, so make sure you have copies made.

    How Many Photos Do You Take?

    Usually between 150 to 250 photos per hour depending on the number of guests, lighting conditions, etc.

    What Does The Processing Or Editing Of The Photos Include?

    Processing includes, colour correction, exposure correction, reframing and light touch when required. 

    What Gear Do You Shoot With?

    Currently we use Canon EOS 7D's which we chose for its great auto focus system, especially for those “low light” situations. We have a selection of lenses including primes and fast zooms. Such as the 85mm f1.8, 50mm f1.4, 17-50mm f2.8, 24-70mm f2.8L and 70-200mm f2.8L. We also have backup camera bodies, lenses, flashes and other bits and bobs that help us do the job.

    What If We Lose Our Photos?

    If you do lose your photos anytime during the 12 months the online gallery is up, you can purchase a copy of all the finalised photos through the “Buy” button in your gallery. Choose “All Digital Downloads” and select “Original” for file size. The download will cost USD$10.00.

    When Do You Start Shooting?

    We usually start shooting the wedding preparation and setup shots about an hour before the service starts.

    When Is The Best Time To Have The Service?

    Your wedding planner will help you decide on the most appropriate time for the service but between 1 and 2 hours before sunset will give you the best light. Ask your wedding planner about tides as at most resorts, a low tide will leave parts of the reef uncovered.

    Who Prints Our Photos?

    All photos and prints are processed through Bay Photo Lab in Santa Cruz, California.

  • Time

    Are There Any Time Restrictions For Wedding Receptions?

    Yes, most hotels will have a time restriction in place, often 10pm or 11pm. If partying the night away is important to you, you have two options:

    • Party in a (sound proof) ballroom
    • Go for a smaller property, book the entire place out with your guests

    This aspect is often overlooked and as a result can be a serious buzz-kill, so it is definitely worth thinking about. At the end of the day you know what type of couple you are and what type of guests you have. If partying is important then this should be an important aspect in deciding on your choice of wedding venue.

    How Far In Advance Should I Book My Wedding?

    The earlier the better. Prices for hotels and all other services are released in March of every year and apply from that year until the following March. If you plan to get married during the high season (July/August) you need to book at least eight to twelve months in advance to ensure you secure your date. Keep in mind you need to factor in the time of sending out invitations, and often your guests will take a while before they book and pay for their accommodation, so the earlier the better.

    As soon as we receive your quotation request, we immediately check availability with the hotel you have chosen along with any other services you have indicated (eg. photography, beauty etc). Once they come back to us confirming availability, we recommend booking straight away to secure your date. A deposit only is required to secure your date, the remainder of payment can be scheduled in installments in the lead up to your wedding.

    Is There A Good Time Of Year To Get Married In Fiji?

    June – September is the best time of the year to travel to Fiji in terms of weather. July and August are our "high season", which means you need to book well in advance as this is our busiest period of the year, in terms of weather it is our winter. November - February is our cyclone season which means a lot of humidity and rain as well.

    Is There A Particular Time Of The Day That Is Best Suited To Having A Wedding Ceremony?

    It is entirely up to you, however it is certainly worth keeping in mind that Fiji is a hot tropical country so don’t forget to consider the heat when deciding your ceremony time.

    If you are hiring a photographer, ask them for a recommendation. They would most likely have shot a wedding at the resort before and will have a better idea of the best time to capture the images you want. A sunset ceremony is the most popular time of day for Fiji Weddings.

  • Flowers

    Is It Possible To Import Flowers For My Wedding?

    Yes, depending on availability and the time of year, flowers can be imported from either Australia or New Zealand for your wedding. Imported flowers are substantially more expensive then local tropical flowers.

    Is It Possible To Order Extra Flowers For Our Wedding?

    Yes, you can order extra bouquets and button holes for your bridal party, and floral tiare's or flower petals in a basket for your flower girl. Most wedding packages include the bridal bouquet and button-hole. Check your package first before ordering more flowers.

    What Flowers Are Readily Available In Fiji?

    Red, pink, and orange ginger, white and mauve orchids, and frangipanis (depending on the time of year)

    Posies and long trailing bouquets remain popular styles for weddings.

  • Beauty

    Can We Hire Our Bridal Gear In Fiji?

    No. At the present time, there is no such service available in Fiji. We will update this if such a service becomes available.

    Could I Send Pictures To You So You Have An Idea Of The Look I'M After?

    Yes, that's a great idea and will make things easier for both of us on the day. You can either send pictures of others with the style you want, or do a trial run with your local stylist and send photos of that.

    Do You Do Eye-Lash Extensions?

    Yes we do, but they're not the permanent type. Our eye-lash extensions only last a day or two depending on how you look with them on.

    Do You Do Trial Runs?

    Yes we do, request with Fiji Weddings for pricing

    How Long Does A Hair And Makeup Session Usually Take?

    40 to 80 minutes depending on desired style, hair texture, and length.

    Should/Could We Bring Hair Products Or Makeup Along On The Day?

    If you do have sensitive skin or prefer us to use your own makeup then we suggest you bring your own but this will not impact the cost. 

    It's also important that you have your own back-up hair spray, bobby pins, compact powder and lipstick or gloss for later touch-ups during your reception.

    What Hair Products Do You Use?

    Anti-freeze and humid proof products.

    What Makeup Products Do You Use?

    Napoleon & Mineral based products.

    Where Did You Do Your Hairdressing Training?

    Pivot Point International

    Where Did You Do Your Make-Up Training?

    Napoleon Perdis Academy